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As I continue to push at my understanding of Daito-ryu, the more I find myself working on refining the waza (techniques) I was taught as the basics, which turn out not to be so basic!


Daito-ryu techniques are about the disruption and manipulation of structure, jujutsu tends to tackle the structure head on with the proper application of force (mostly external) through the structure of the opponent.

Aiki-jujutsu does the same, while trying to avoid the opponents power head on, using the structure to carry the power through and using as little external power to do so. Some force may be applied to the technique but little is necessary.

Aiki on the other hand, completely relies on the structure of the opponent but seeks to undo the structure with no external power at all. Avoiding the opponents power all-together and exploiting the structure to carry through the technique, no power is necessary and actually ruins the technique if applied.


Jujutsu techniques teach structure and manipulation of it, aiki-jujutsu techniques are a refinement of the same technique but the lessening of force and an increased understanding of structure are required for success. Lastly, aiki is a greater understanding of structure, so much so that no force is necessary and an increased sensitivity to the opponent’s structural weak points is needed for success. None of these is greater than the other since all versions of techniques are in fact Daito-ryu and all are what’s required to see the brutal beauty of it’s techniques.



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