Notes from the class 03/28/2015 | 基本手法

Spent the class on the Kihon Shuho 基本手法, it was a good class covered a lot of detail.

Waza name (attack)
ukete gamae (shomenuchi)
hitori geiko (sotote tsukami)
aiki age (sotote tsukami)
aiki sage (sotote tsukami)
aiki yoko (sotote tsukami)
katate aiki sage (uchite tsukami)
katate aiki sukuiage (sotote tsukami)
katate mizunomi (sotote tsukami)
katate tekubi tsukami gaeshi (sotote tsukami)
katate tekubizeme otoshi (uchite tsukami)


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About Daitoryu

So if I had to describe Daitoryu in a nutshell, which may damn well be impossible but here’s a try at it…

daitoryuDaitoryu Aikijujutsu is the art of creating and/or exploiting misalignment in the body to either pin, throw or simply allow the opponent to fall due to that misalignment. (Then comes the devilish grin) Sometimes all of the above.

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Our hata has arrived

So very excited and pleased at the way this turned out, our very own hata (banner)


Top line reads: Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu (name of our style)
Middle line: Tora Dojo (name of our school)
Bottom line reads: Sensai (subtle) Tekikaku (accurate or precise) Tsuyoi (strong) these are the traits or characteristics all our techniques should have.


Daitoryu Aiki-jujutsu Tora Dojo located at 5 West Passaic Street, Rochelle Park, NJ
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