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Located in Fanwood, New Jersey, we explore Daito-ryu waza in its three executions jujutsu, aiki-jujutsu and aiki no jutsu. Aiki no jutsu being the most advanced form of Daito-ryu waza. It may appear mystical or magical but it’s neither. Many but not all Daito-ryu waza have three distinct versions, or more accurately applications: jujutsu, aiki-jujutsu and aiki.


This diagram illustrates the overlap that many Daito-ryu waza share.

Jujutsu employs some sort of atemi (strike), and/or kansetsu (joint manipulation), to create kuzushi (off-balancing), before moving into the resolution of a pin or throw. Because the possible combinations of atemi with kantsetu are diverse, it is difficult to describe jujutsu more specifically.

Aiki-jujutsu uses jujutsu structure to apply aiki. In other words, the joint lock or throw carry the aiki into the uke. One still upsets the balance of the uke with aiki rather than apply one’s own force, but jujutsu is used to complete the waza.

Finally, aiki employs timing, intuition and the proper application of minimal energy, if any at all, to unbalance the uke and perform the subsequent throw and/or pin.


Daitoryu Aiki-jujutsu Tora Dojo located at 162 Forest Rd, Fanwood, New Jersey
For more info please email us @ info@daitoryu.org

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