Interested in having a Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujutsu seminar?

Graphic shows the overlap between jujutsu, aiki jujutsu and aiki techniques.

We explore Daito-ryu waza in its three executions jujutsu, aiki-jujutsu and aiki no jutsu. Aiki no jutsu being the most advanced form of Daito-ryu waza. It may appear mystical or magical but it’s neither. Many but not all Daito-ryu waza have three distinct versions, or more accurately applications: jujutsu, aiki-jujutsu and aiki.


The concepts taught will greatly enhance your skills regardless of your martial arts style! The info will be presented in a straight forward manner so that all participants can both understand and replicate the techniques of aiki.

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Daitoryu Aiki-jujutsu Tora Dojo located at 162 Forest Rd, Fanwood, New Jersey
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