That $#! ¥ is crazy!

That $#! ¥ is crazy!

I often hear that exact phrase or a sentiment much like it when we delve into aiki waza (techniques), often subtle and surprisingly powerful movement that isn’t routed in physical power but rather physics applied through the opponents body structure that results in a control and/or a pin.

The notion that aiki is some sort of magic is the initial reaction of many, it is a balance of the understanding of anatomy, physiology, physics and guided by intuition. What parts of the body are you attacking, how will those parts move in response to the attack, how much or little force did you need to apply and your intuition guides all of this making subtle adjustments in order to maintain all this in play.

It seems magical or impossible but it’s neither, it’s almost always simple physics that require little in the way of power but much more in the way of intuition and sensitivity. Creating & maintaining the aiki connection in the technique is the hard part but as with any skill constant practice gives consistent results.


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